down to 21 days till i leave for seoul

i don’t think i’m dealing with this very well cause i haven’t been able to sleep without tossing and turning and thinking about all the things i’ve yet to take care of here for at least a good hour. of course i’m excited to go, but at the same time i feel like i’m not ready to leave everything behind just yet. but even if i were given more time, i don’t think i’d ever feel 100% ready

this happens every time — all my emotions and anxieties build up higher and higher till it’s time to say goodbye at the airport and then it all comes out. but as soon as i get on the plane, i’m fine and ready to go haha

i just hope i’ll be fine this time, knowing that i’ll be going for at least 4 years instead of a few months


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all i did this year was get more gay

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We have all regretted things we have done. It’s in the past so let it be. After all, life is too wonderful to be living in a pool of regrets. We are living in the present right now and we are busy drawing up a wonderful future.

Be happy, don’t let your past bring you down.